External Fixator System

The system created with clamps fixed on a unilateral body or rail is called Monolateral Fixator. The modular system established with clamps placed on round rods is called Tubular Fixator. The Circular Fixator or Ilizarov system are systems in which the broken bone is fixed from the outside with wires and hoops. Hybrid Fixator systems, on the other hand, are mixed systems in which the circular system and tubular or unilateral monolateral system are used together. --- External fixator indications; Fractures of the long bones of the extremities, open fractures, fractures near the joint, comminuted fractures, defective fractures, fractures with gunshot wounds, fractures with vascular or nerve injury, limb shortening and limb deformities are.
External Fixator System
  • External Fixator System


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